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Oh.. Hello.. I'm Buling... Welcome to my blog and read all the craps I've written.. hoho... most of them are my ideology toward the world; experience and critics.. not that brilliant tho.. hoho... whatever it is... happy reading tho.. :D

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

jaga diri...


hey... gonna miss u much...
n gud luck frens...

balik namti mesti koram dah beso... hoho...

kawan4 berjaya...
hati pun gembira...
sedih pn ad...
suke duke bersame...

pantun 4 kerat...

Friday, January 28, 2011

miss my family...

apa kabar...???


read dis from bleach 434... n it did put a big smile on my face.. :D

u may have to read it form right to left... lalallala...

hoho... good family he's having... as well s mine...


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh... terimekasih...


a girly post...

adam ahmad saufi, hanis abdul razak, safuan azman, ezdihar ahmad ibrahim, khazani kahadi, reza afandy radzi, hazim amin, firdaus zamin, sharil hizan hijas, fadhli ilias, arshad baharum, fattah ghani, afiq ibrahim syukri, isa aziz jaafar, azizul hakim, nik aziz nik din, abdul azim, makathir yatiban, omar shaarib, shazlam badarudin, hafiz karami, hilmi kamal, hilmi yahya, hazimin, and all frens who think dat u should b on d list...

thamks so much 4 being with me all this time, glad i know all u guys, learn things and appriciate them so much...

:D it'l b wonderful if good things wont change...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

NOTE 2 - jan 12th 2011 Topical Study


AR Goh Ai Tee...

Qualitative Data
- always explore secondary data first before goes to primary one.
- surveys and questionnaire..
_routine approach..
_observational techniques
=fixed quantitative design..
=small amount of data
\relatively large number of individuals
=selection samples of individuals from known populations.

-Types of survey
_self completion
=attributes questions
=multiple respond
_face to face
_telephone interview
=difficult for multiple categories

-choice of method
_samples (who & how big)
_subject methods
_data quality
_health & safety

*method affect the design, layout & wording of questions.

_closed question
=tick on respond
=tick all that apply
_upon question

-structuring survey
_start with easy not personal question
_explain the structure
_use prompt card for complex question

-survey design
_use number in determination
_filtered answer

_need to reply on getting evidence from a portion of the whole
_cannot simply assume the data will be replicated in the rest of the population
_carefully select the samples

-2 kind of sampling
=simple random
=most similar/dissimilar
=typical cases
=critical cases

-a valid sample has to be representative and accurate
-sampling size is about 30 to 250 cases

Case studies
-have boundaries
-identify 'what is the case' into it
-explicit attempt to provide holistic account
-multiple sources of data and data collection
_deep study
_holistic view
_natural settings
_multiple sources

hoho... happy reading tho...

Friday, January 14, 2011

NOTE 1 - jan 11th 2011 profesional practice

goes to my new year resolution... i'm posting on my study note... so i'll read it again and again.. hope this will help u all also... :D

lecture by Prof Saari Omar..

- Malaysia constitution..
_principal of Malaysia laws is basically about public interest..
- Role of the Board of Architects - LAM...
_To control or regulate the architects
= towards the public...
= self regulating...
- Ratio architect to public
_ Malaysia - 1:14700
_ UK - 1:1000 approx.

Concept of Professionalism
- Positive connotation...
- capabilities
_ skills
_ expertise
_ competence
- sense of responsibility
_ moral
_ ethical
_ truthful

Board of Architects..
- is an entity body..
_ capable to sue and being sued..
- the election of the board made by Ministry of Works
_ 19 members
- Function..
_ maintain the registrar..
= list of practice architects..
- sort the qualification for registration..
= qualified for graduate architect after part 2..
= qualified for profesional architect after..
\ experience as prescribe...
\ pass the part 3 exam..

Attitude Chronology..
- tertiary education (LAM recognized)
- practical experience
- pass professional exam
- register as professional...
_ obtain firm..

Code of Professional Conduct..
- Ethical matters..
- to promote the standard conduct..
- compliance with acts and rules
_ to be an architect is to b a good citizen...

hoho... after read it... its kinda borim but wutever it is... it'l b a good material in my archive...

ps.. kene belajar bersumguh4... sangat...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

:D... minat baru... bahaye4...


hoho... after several months of seeing others... a month of study and preparation... days of buying things... at last... its happening... :D

d aquarium is now done... hoho... cant wait to get d fish... n kinda wonderim what fish will suit dis tank... :D

n special thamks to shareholders.. frens form UIA that taught me a lot of this stuffs... and also for UM frens that support us on doing this...

ps... sedap gak wat benda alah nih... terimakasih kawan...

Monday, January 10, 2011

new semester...

hoho... new semester is startim... for dis semester i'm gonna design AFFORDABLE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT.. kinda cool project tho... lookim forward on doing this.. :D

futher more... we are having collaboration with the KOREAN.. hoho... great to have them as our guest tho... erm.. not much picture on them yet but surely will have it then... as they'l b here for the whole semester... assisting us 'the architect' for the interior rendering...

so.. welkam all korean.. gud luck to us... :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

101 posts...

as my 101 entry... changed my layout a bit...
these are when we went to perhentian... hoho... credits to edi 4 d photo.. :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011




hoho... edi ajo...