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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Little Prince


Just wanna to preview one of the book i read recently... erm... since i dont read that much... i think i can say that this is d novel of the decade... on my chart list tho... exclude all the comic n manga n junk readings... hoho....

Have a peek.. read it.. itl give u endless thought on life... huuuu... glad i still have my childhood in me... miss that tho....

its a good reading.... huuuuuuuuuuuu.....

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Salam... this is an old written one... just found it... huuuuuuuuu.....

Just wamna do a travel log on this trip tho. Actually all of us are 35 student plus some lecturers, are going to singapore for a study trip. We are from UM and KHU (koreans). Things started not that good, one of my coleague wasnt showed up and left off. Perhaps overslept because we departing at 12am+ and early on d day, we had our 1st external crit which let us awake working for more than 24 hours. So the lectrers make d decision to take off without him, Mir. I was instructed to contact him wutever means to tell that his attendance for the trip is still compulsory. Texted n hope he can manage things smoothly. Just managed to get 2 hours of sleep earlier, still need more for tomorow's activity. Pen off for today. 5 hours of sleep should make it for me. Wish us luck....
March 18th 1.17am - on d bus next to Rosnizal.

Just got over the border, n i realized i forgotten sumting, activate roaming for my phoneline. Will be having no connection to the outside tho, except tru the internet. Hope wifi here is easy n free to get on. To be truth, Singapore is just the same as Malaysia, breathing same air, same sun n same sky. Futhermore, they also speak English with 'lah' at the end of the words or sentence. But then, what makes it a little bit different to us, physically; cleanliness and psychologically; disciplince or so-called kiasu thing. As i'm on d bus now, it is cearly seen how neat n tidy things are. The roads are really in the good shape, with minimum uneven surface or bumps. There also no holes or any left mark of renovation on the road. The lines are in single, no overlapping of diffrent colour or wut so ever. They also put on drainage at both side of the road, for each way. The finishes seems to be good. In the middle, there are sunken landscape spine on. Producing good barrier as the trunk is beneath eye level. The leaves become the barrier, either sound or sight. U do need to keep your sight forward while driving tho. This scenery goes along the highway. Reaching the hotel, gonna b off the bus tho..
March 18th 5.45am - still beside my beloved Ross.

Had mamak fried mee for my 1st meal here. Tasted so so, maybe because of too much vege; which i dont consume that much. But the chilli sause used makes me remember the old day 'footbal game burger' at the stadium. In d old days, football mach scenario was really happening. I still remember how my father lifted me up when our team scored. With all the croud, staged seating, being lifted gave me glorious scene towards the field. Talked about old days scenario with Vig n Ross; Vig is quite older then me and sure his memoirs of this are exquisite. But then i gave up on the mee, passed it up to them with all the vegee more then mee left. Fortunately it seems easy for them to finish it up. Thank god.
March 18th 7.55am - hotel lobby waitim to depart to URA.

Forgot to state that we r staying at Hotel 81, situated in Geylang, kinda east of the city. The neighbourhood seems to be quite unique, which from what i heard, it is a red light district. Give a ring in my brain to have it as my subject on my thesis gonna b; red light architecture. Just, we had 2 hours tour at URA; Urban Development Authority. Got off from MRT Ajunied to MRT Tanjung Pagar, cost of 1.1 dollar, around 10 minutes ride plus 10 minutes walk from the station, Maxwell Road. Some of us already knew where it is so it was kinda easy for us to get to d
building. The URA Gallery is a very exciting and interactive showroom. It shows more or less on how Singapore develop towards the future. On my own perception, the main attraction is the scaled model of the city. Huge site model and very precise one. Makes things very easy for the
analysis and study usage especially for student. Lucky singaporean student tho. And lucky me also to be able to analyze some of the language n took several nice pictures then. As for now, i'm in URC Resource Center, also within the same building as the gallery. Very friendly space and also provide free publishment, even for us foreigners. Really hope that we also has this kind of building properly functioned back in Malaysia.
March 18th 11.30am - URA Resource Center couch.

Yesterday 2nd session visit was kinda fail intern of the participant cooperation. We visited Housing Development Board (HDB) hub which is at Toa Payoh. HDB is an entity created to enhhance the public housing development in Singapore. They produce the house that can be afford by the public. Quite an achievement they got where almost 90% of Singaporean owns their own living unit. We also went to the show unit gallery, several types of unit to cater different members number of the family. They also introduce a new space, not totally new but we dont have this in Malaysia which is shelter space. A 2x2.5m room with solid concrete wall surrounded in the middle of the whole unit. It is meant for safety purposes if there are any emergency or terrorist assault. Ventilated by 2 holes on the wall tgat are quite well covered from the out side.
March 19th 9.50am - while on bussiness at Punggol Bus Hub.

Last visit was the Duxton Residence. It is one of the latest HDB housing development. What is really intresting about the housing is they provide sky communal garden on the middle level
and the top most level. Thank god that we had the opportunity to go up to the top sky garden. The fees is 2.50 dollar per person to go up there. It offers the city view of Singapore tho s we can walk all around at the level. Quite a fun visit and most of us were busy taking photos at 50 level above the ground. As just the pleasure ended, the rains started to fall and as we get down to the earth, it was very heavy. Stucked n wet. Ai Qing who is in charge of the trip group wanna us to hold on till the rain stopped. It was suppos to b our lunch time n even ny stomach wasbalso calling for refill. After about ten minutes of waiting, friends started to get instant noodle at the 7Eleven. Lined up in the shop and had their lunch. I skipped mine, better quality lunch is preferable.
March 18th - on the bus 75 heading to Holland Village

We reahed Holland Village around 3pm. It was a bus travel that took about 20 minutes from Duxton Residence. Since everyone is hungry, we decided to grab our late lunch. Found the restaurant that served halal food but it is in between others that served pork. Within not much
choice, we just grab ours at the place. I had nasi briyani set plus pepsi which cost me 5.50 dollar.
While eating, Connie n I structured on how the report of our assignment going to be. Just trying to make it easier on how to make it eapecially on how to manage in the short time given. But while waiting, rains started pouring again and it was quite heavy. Waiting time becamw longer and we started to talk about crap things between Connie, Razis, Vig and I. One the topic was about on the differences on how man or woman manage things. We came out with the conclusion on this; woman ia really structured on how they do things. They try to plan things accordingly
before the real action taken. Some of woman will also put options on how its gonna be, i mean fully structuring the schedule to make sure it will run smoothly. But it is contradict to man, where they are commonly lazy yo take care on too much things. Man prefer to play 'adapt to the situation' scenario. Not much preparation done in prelimamary stage and the main objective is will only be to achieve the objective; the method matters not much. To be truth, woman way of doing thing is better tho. Everything can be referred to as the coordinations are well written down. Things are going to be smooth and easy. But saying so, the occasion will lost its irony. It will be like pure science, data which number is number. Conflict starts when problem occurs and feeling of failing comes when the hardwork of planning seems wasted. Anyway, this is only my
personal opinion base on my observtion and things we talked yesterday. N i mean not to point this to anyone, hope it'll be taken positively. :D
March 20th 11.30am - beside Mus on my way to National Zoo.

Had quite a fun time at the zoo. Watching all the animals behavior, stuff they do, even it seems to be lame. Quite a tiring one also, plus we had to skip our lunch because all the food price inside seems to be doubled, maybe 5 times higher compare to those in Malaysia. Thank god the zoo facilities is good. There are trams picking up visitors around in loop. Give us less effort on moving on our lazy ass to the animals. I watched 2 shows in the zoo; the jungle fights back and the asia's
elephant show. The first one was kinda cool which the story is about a greedy man trying to destroy all the nature and turn it into a development. The jungle resist him and fight. At the end the guy gave up and let go his 'not-to-green' development. But then, the other one was a boring one. Show on the how strong and stubborn the elephant is. But as i sat next to a cool guy, Bailey (i suppose this is the correct way to spell ur name) i enjoy the time; small chit chatting with him.
He is an australian, visiting Singapore with his parents. And he is 5 years old. Hoho. Other fren arevwatchin on another show, but i'm not going. The show here is not that good compared to the one i went a year ago, at Gold Coast Australia. Not much energy left to walk to the arena just after we reached back the entrance for fish spa. About the fish spa, we did enjoy it. Tens of fished surrounded my feet and their bites did tickles me. But as time goes, surely will get use to them. Now i'm quite boring because i chose to find a place to smoke and not to go for the show, better to take a rest tho.
March 20th 5.23pm - Zoo entrance waiting for them.

Today is the last day of our visit. In the moning, packed all our luggage and keep them in one room that we specially booked for the purpose. After grab our breakfast, around 9.30am, me, Connie n Mir head out to our site study again which is the Holland Village. From Aljunied Station, we took thw MRT straigt to Buano Vista Station and after around 400m walk, we reached the site. Do some peliminary studies, skethes and everything. Few days in Singapore makes me realize how we r behind, in architectural or to b in general in building environment. Singapore seems to be so organize, way further than us. They even goes into details in every aspect, and
it produce a fantastic result.
March 21st unknown time - i think i was in MRT somewhere.

Hoho, at last we are on our way to KL. But Paklah left me and have a seat with koreans, conclusion, it was tiring trip, tired6..
March 21st 8.11pm - on d bus to KL, alone..

Saturday, June 18, 2011



as today, June 18th, this is my 22nd day of livin in Korea, things getting a little bit boring, as study things r becomin more serious now.. n my financial also getting low.. haha....

just some photos of the campus tho... great architecture they r havin... hoho...

i wish to have this composition and arts of our country architecture tho... hoho... huuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer 2011


i'm in South Korea May 28th - June 30th..... hoho...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Family@Malacca =D


Great time wif them... hoho.. miss u guys so much.. thanks for everitim..

all of the family members.. :D

I love u all... with all my hearts...