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Friday, January 14, 2011

NOTE 1 - jan 11th 2011 profesional practice

goes to my new year resolution... i'm posting on my study note... so i'll read it again and again.. hope this will help u all also... :D

lecture by Prof Saari Omar..

- Malaysia constitution..
_principal of Malaysia laws is basically about public interest..
- Role of the Board of Architects - LAM...
_To control or regulate the architects
= towards the public...
= self regulating...
- Ratio architect to public
_ Malaysia - 1:14700
_ UK - 1:1000 approx.

Concept of Professionalism
- Positive connotation...
- capabilities
_ skills
_ expertise
_ competence
- sense of responsibility
_ moral
_ ethical
_ truthful

Board of Architects..
- is an entity body..
_ capable to sue and being sued..
- the election of the board made by Ministry of Works
_ 19 members
- Function..
_ maintain the registrar..
= list of practice architects..
- sort the qualification for registration..
= qualified for graduate architect after part 2..
= qualified for profesional architect after..
\ experience as prescribe...
\ pass the part 3 exam..

Attitude Chronology..
- tertiary education (LAM recognized)
- practical experience
- pass professional exam
- register as professional...
_ obtain firm..

Code of Professional Conduct..
- Ethical matters..
- to promote the standard conduct..
- compliance with acts and rules
_ to be an architect is to b a good citizen...

hoho... after read it... its kinda borim but wutever it is... it'l b a good material in my archive...

ps.. kene belajar bersumguh4... sangat...

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