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Sunday, January 16, 2011

NOTE 2 - jan 12th 2011 Topical Study


AR Goh Ai Tee...

Qualitative Data
- always explore secondary data first before goes to primary one.
- surveys and questionnaire..
_routine approach..
_observational techniques
=fixed quantitative design..
=small amount of data
\relatively large number of individuals
=selection samples of individuals from known populations.

-Types of survey
_self completion
=attributes questions
=multiple respond
_face to face
_telephone interview
=difficult for multiple categories

-choice of method
_samples (who & how big)
_subject methods
_data quality
_health & safety

*method affect the design, layout & wording of questions.

_closed question
=tick on respond
=tick all that apply
_upon question

-structuring survey
_start with easy not personal question
_explain the structure
_use prompt card for complex question

-survey design
_use number in determination
_filtered answer

_need to reply on getting evidence from a portion of the whole
_cannot simply assume the data will be replicated in the rest of the population
_carefully select the samples

-2 kind of sampling
=simple random
=most similar/dissimilar
=typical cases
=critical cases

-a valid sample has to be representative and accurate
-sampling size is about 30 to 250 cases

Case studies
-have boundaries
-identify 'what is the case' into it
-explicit attempt to provide holistic account
-multiple sources of data and data collection
_deep study
_holistic view
_natural settings
_multiple sources

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